Several Stolen Dodge Muscle Cars Recovered In Georgia

Sep 24, 2021 1 min read
Several Stolen Dodge Muscle Cars Recovered In Georgia

This was a slam dunk for police…

It’s no secret Dodge muscle cars are huge theft targets. Too often, the Mopars are either never recovered or found on the side of the road, stripped of just about every part. That’s why hearing about the recovery of two Chargers and a Challenger in Houston County, Georgia is exciting, especially the way the vehicles were found.

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As told by the Warner Robins Police Department, back on September 20 at 9:30 am the Memphis Police Department out of Tennessee contacted them about a stolen Dodge Charger. Apparently, the GPS locator on the car was pinging in the area of Oakridge Drive. It’s not clear why the locator wasn’t providing a location before, but we do know some thieves use GPS signal blockers to prevent that from happening, so maybe they were using one but then stopped or it failed. Also, it’s not clear if the GPS locator was the factory unit or an aftermarket device.

Officers went to the location of the GPS signal and saw what looked like a Dodge Charger underneath a tarp. That’s when they knocked on the door and talked to the occupant in the house, who gave them permission to look under the tarp. Sure enough, it was the Mopar stolen in Memphis.

With probable cause, officers then searched the backyard, finding another Dodge Charger which was also stolen in Memphis. They also found a Challenger boosted out of Nesbit Mississippi. We’ll let you use your imagination about how three stolen Mopar muscle cars all ended up on the same property and why one was sitting under a tarp.

Police towed the cars away in preparation to return them to the rightful owners. They also arrested Jaquana Burnam, the occupant of the house, for Theft by Receiving Stolen Property. An investigation is ongoing, but this story does go to show the possible benefits of using a GPS unit on your car and maybe investing in a backup system just in case.

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