Range Rover Owner Tracks Down Stolen Luxury SUV Herself

Nov 28, 2022 1 min read
Range Rover Owner Tracks Down Stolen Luxury SUV Herself

Then she got in trouble with the law…

A woman in London reported her Range Rover Evoque, a £60,000 luxury SUV, as stolen to the police, who reportedly refused to look for it. According to Chelsea Karaolis, the police said they were almost certain the vehicle had been loaded onto a boat and was no longer in the UK, so there was no point searching for it. That’s when Karaolis took matters into her own hands, tracking down the Range Rover Evoque herself, but that wasn’t the end of her troubles.

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As is the case many times when thieves swipe a newer car, they had disabled the GPS tracker on the Land Rover. This is why we keep telling readers to not just sit back and rely on their vehicle’s tracker since they’re not foolproof. Karalois like so many other victims, posted about her stolen ride on social media as did friends, even going so far as to offer cash to anyone with information, a move which paid off when another user spotted her vehicle.

Triumphantly getting her Range Rover Evoque back, minus her credit card, driver’s license, designer jacket, and other valuables left inside, Karalois likely thought that was the end of her travails. However, the next day when she took the luxury SUV to visit some friends she was pulled over by the police once they recognized the stolen vehicle.

Yes, Karalois had forgotten to report the Land Rover had indeed been found and was once again in the rightful owner’s hands. However, the officers who stopped her were friendly once they realized the situation, removing the note that it was stolen so she wouldn’t have any more trouble.

Car theft in the UK has been particularly bad since last year, especially in London. Karalois believes the lack of interest by police only fuels thefts in the city. At least she had a happy ending to her situation.

Source: The Sun

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