Hunt Underway In Orangevale for Stolen 1928 Ford Model A

Jun 5, 2023 2 min read
Hunt Underway In Orangevale for Stolen 1928 Ford Model A

It was taken from a shop in the area.

The quiet town of Orangevale, California, has been thrust into a hunt for a stolen piece of automotive history. A 1928 Ford Model A, belonging to the owner of California Transmission, was taken from the shop's backyard in a daring theft. The vintage car, inoperable and lacking license plates or insurance, was likely maneuvered through broken chain link fences and loaded onto a trailer. As the search intensifies, the community rallies to recover this irreplaceable piece of automotive heritage.

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The stolen 1928 Ford Model A holds significant historical and sentimental value. As a vintage automobile, it represents an era long past, capturing the imagination of car enthusiasts and history buffs alike. The Model A, renowned for its iconic design and groundbreaking features, is an enduring symbol of automotive innovation.

Joe Cava, the owner of California Transmission, is devastated by the theft of his prized possession. He recounts the incident with a heavy heart, expressing disbelief that someone would brazenly break into his shop's backyard and steal the cherished vintage vehicle. Cava's Model A holds sentimental value beyond its monetary worth, making its loss even more disheartening.

The thieves involved in the heist went to great lengths to secure the stolen Model A. Breaking chain link fences and potentially maneuvering the inoperable car out of the garage and onto a trailer indicates a level of planning and determination. The lack of license plates and insurance compounds the difficulty in tracking the vehicle's whereabouts, heightening the urgency of the search efforts.

The Orangevale community has rallied in support of Cava and his quest to recover his beloved Ford Model A. Local residents and businesses have shared information across social media platforms, heightening awareness and fostering vigilance. With the collective efforts of the community, there is hope that the stolen vehicle will be spotted or information leading to its recovery will come to light.

Law enforcement agencies are actively involved in the search for the stolen Model A. Police are investigating the theft and pursuing leads to apprehend those responsible. Cava and the community place their trust in the dedication and expertise of law enforcement to swiftly bring the perpetrators to justice and recover the stolen vehicle.

As the hunt for the stolen Ford Model A intensifies, Cava appeals to anyone with information about the theft to come forward. Every detail, no matter how small, could prove instrumental in locating the vehicle and holding the culprits accountable. The Orangevale community stands united in support, eager to assist in any way possible.

The theft of the 1928 Ford Model A in Orangevale has cast a shadow over the community, leaving a void where an irreplaceable piece of automotive history once stood. As the search unfolds, the community's collective efforts, combined with the dedication of law enforcement, offer hope for the recovery of this cherished vintage vehicle. The stolen Model A represents more than just a classic car; it symbolizes the spirit of resilience and determination that unites car enthusiasts and communities in the face of adversity.

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