Speeding C8 Corvette Runs From Cops, Crashes

Jun 8, 2023 1 min read
Speeding C8 Corvette Runs From Cops, Crashes

Why are so many Corvette drivers behaving badly these days?

It’s another day and we have yet another story of a Corvette driver behaving badly. This time it’s a guy in his own C8 Corvette which he used to run from police, stopping only because he got in a bad accident. We don’t know why this is a trend, but we’re sorry to all the responsible ‘Vette owners out there who are burdened by this growing stereotype (maybe now you know what Mustang owners have suffered through for years).

See another genius in a Corvette here.

According to NBC 6 South Florida, the whole incident started when police in Sunny Isles were doing speed checks and noticed the red C8 Corvette was exceeding the limit. When an officer tried pulling the American sports car over, the guy accelerated and tried making a run for it.

What police didn’t know at the time was the driver has a bench warrant for trespassing. Obviously, he didn’t want to get pulled over and arrested, something that wouldn’t have happened just for going a few mph over the limit.

Instead, the guy pushed his C8 Corvette hard, charging through city streets, until he hit another car that was stopped at a red light. The poor woman inside it seemed pretty shaken up when a local reporter interviewed her.

After wrecking out, the C8 Corvette owner decided to run away on foot. The guy reportedly dropped a gun during his jog to a nearby hotel. Thankfully, police found the firearm and located the suspect without any trouble.

And just like that, the guy changed a bench warrant for trespassing into felony fleeing and probably several other charges. If you ever want to make your life even worse, run from the cops, everyone. Oh, and his ‘Vette is all smashed up, too. Sad.

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