Corvette Hits Apartment Building

May 31, 2023 2 min read
Corvette Hits Apartment Building

What is going on with Corvette drivers lately?

It used to be the running joke among enthusiasts, except some of the Blue Oval persuasion, was that Ford Mustangs were wrecking out constantly, particularly into crowds of people. However, we’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the past three years of Corvettes wrecking out big, often hitting buildings, like what this ‘Vette did when it plowed into a Santa Ana, California apartment building on May 22.

Check out another horrific Corvette crash here.

As captured by OnScene TV, the aftermath looks pretty bad for the Corvette, which seems to have done its best impression of an accordion. Somehow, the single occupant of the Chevy sports car, an unnamed man, survived the ordeal. Once he’s out of the hospital, he should buy a lottery ticket because that guy is super lucky.

What’s more, first responders didn’t have to cut the guy out or even hold his hand as he climbed out of the wreckage. The driver got himself out of the vehicle. That’s not to say he’s doing fine. After all, he was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Still, the guy is lucky he’s still breathing.

According to OnScene TV, one month before there was a car crash in the exact same spot. Somehow, the apartment building took the hits and is still standing and deemed safe to continue occupying, so hats off to the construction crew.

It’s possible both crashes were caused by a flaw in the design of the parking lot or road – we don’t really know. But it’s uncanny how they happened in the same spot one month apart from each other.

Of course, some people will say it’s an insurance scam because they seem to think every accident and car theft is an insurance scheme of some sort. What they fail to consider is aliens might somehow be involved.

Check out the crash aftermath for yourself.

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