Thieves Steal C7 Corvette’s Roof

Jun 8, 2023 1 min read
Thieves Steal C7 Corvette’s Roof

They roofied it!

There’s doubt about it, the city of Memphis, Tennessee has quite the crime problem these days. Not only are there shootings and other violent incidents, property crime like car theft has become common. So we’re sadly not all that shocked to see some guys in a C7 Corvette stole the roof off another C7 as it sat in a parking lot.

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The thieves are driving a black ‘Vette and the donor car is yellow, so we don’t think this is just a case of someone trying to replace the roof they misplaced in their garage. Instead, this is a case of people taking anything that isn’t bolted down and is quick to swipe.

In a surveillance video that was shared with the public by the Memphis Police Department, we can see the thieves just break the window of the Chevy sports car, pop the releases on the roof, then clumsily get it into the passenger side of the Corvette that’s already roofless.

These guys surely looked really inconspicuous driving around with a giant yellow panel sticking out of the top of their Corvette. It might’ve been worth the extra few seconds to attach it to their car, but nobody accused criminals of being smart or efficient.

Police are asking the public for help identifying the guys in the video or helping to track down the stolen roof. While the victim undoubtedly can buy a replacement, that could set them back a good chunk of change. Plus, it’s beyond annoying when someone steals from you because they just don’t feel like working to get their own stuff.

Plus, if police make an arrest, your tip submitted through Crime Stoppers of Memphis could qualify you for a cash reward of up to $1,000 so you’re making money off these guys’ stupidity.

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