Sneaky Dodge Previewed A Hurricane Challenger

Aug 29, 2023 1 min read
Sneaky Dodge Previewed A Hurricane Challenger

Now everyone can stop complaining about the Hemi V8 going away…

We won’t name any names, but a lot of people have been saying things about the glory days of Dodge being over because the Hemi V8 is going away. What most people don’t realize is the much-rumored replacement, the twin-turbo Hurricane inline-six, is quite the worthy successor. That was made plainly obvious when Dodge ran a current Challenger using the new powerplant and nobody noticed. Checkmate, haters.

Check out the Mopar wing car carnage here.

That’s right, during Roadkill Nights, sneaky little Dodge showed off a twin-turbo Hurricane Challenger. We can’t believe everyone isn’t talking about this brave, strong move made by Mopar.

Sure, the Challenger didn’t have that rumbling V8 under the hood, but the Hurricane sounded pretty sweet compared to the EcoBoost Mustang or Honda Civic Type R, so Dodge will maintain its bad boy, dominant image for a long time to come.

And the Challenger went so fast on the drag strip, we swear the thing started to blur after launching. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but this demonstration proves that everyone who’s been criticizing Dodge for introducing an Italian crossover to its lineup, ditching V8s, and making an e-muscle car are just a bunch of haters.

All this proves that choking federal regulations actually push companies to innovate and improve more. Without the iron fist of government, automakers will still be making ridiculous rides that are slow, dangerous, and look like blobs on wheels. Instead, Dodge is emerging from a metamorphisis, shedding the likes of the Hellcat and Demon in favor of the Hornet and Hurricane. There are more glory days ahead and we think once everyone looks back, they’ll realize they’re even better than what we’ve seen up to this point.

Check out the awesome twin-turbo Hurricane and its better-than-Hemi sound in the video.

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