Australian Ford Bronco Restomod Unveiled

Aug 29, 2023 1 min read
Australian Ford Bronco Restomod Unveiled

What do you think of this build?

Sadly, too many Americans, especially the youth, are forgetting that once the Australians were really into muscle cars and off-roaders. For those people, seeing that an Aussie team has created what might be one of the best restomod first-gen Ford Broncos out there might be shocking or highly suspect. But Premcar’s build, which was revealed recently at Monterey, should make a believer out of just about anyone.

The most expensive Ford Bronco in the world was crashed. See it here.

The boutique manufacturer and automotive engineering firm located in Melbourne has made a name for itself with impressive Nissan Navaras and Patrol Warriors. But this Bronco is head and shoulders above those.

Collaborating with American brand Gateway Bronco, the two crafted a Bronco Luxe-GT that’s supposed to be the “Porsche GT3 for sport SUVs.” It looks great with plenty of throwback styling, a good stance, and everything buttoned up properly. All that’s necessary considering discerning shoppers considering this option will be cross-shopping the Mercedes G-Wagon, Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover, etc.

Premcar engaged in a two-year development program obtaining ten US patents as it ran the Bronco around US deserts and other wild areas. After all, even a pretty off-roader is only as good as its trail capabilities.

A long list of improvements over the original Ford design have been made, including a tougher ladder-frame chassis, wider track widths front and rear, beefier suspension, traction/stability control, full skid plates, and an extended wheelbase.

Owners could use this beautiful restomod for weekend play or outfit it for longer overland journeys, if they so wish. With a starting price at a cool $400,000 they’ll probably be well-heeled enough to add to the off-roader in any way they wish. We just don’t expect to see many of these running around on our local trails.

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