Anyone feeling the need for a classic minivan?

In case you missed it, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian a funny little thing happened after all the layers on a billboard was stripped away. Underneath years and years of ads was a hand-painted advertisement for the “new” Dodge Caravan from all the way back in 1996. For many, the blast from the past was a reminder of how much things have changed in the past couple of decades.

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Back in 1996 the new Dodge Caravan was the Motor Trend Car of the Year – chew on that for a moment. Yes, back when SUVs like the Ford Explorer reigned supreme in the market, people were raving about the newest minivan fit for taking little Timmy and all his friends to baseball practice.

One of our favorite pastimes is to look through old car advertisements. It’s crazy how much not only vehicles have changed over the years, but so have what advertisers have believed people value. For example, the way cars were marketed back in the 60s would be considered offensive in so many ways today.

Despite all this free publicity, a Dodge dealership down the street told a local news station there hasn’t been a “mass Caravan demand” if you can believe that. Considering Dodge hasn’t made a minivan in a few years, maybe it’s for the best. In the past 26 years, the attitude that was going on with the Viper has permeated the brand, although what the future holds for Dodge at this point seems uncertain at best.

With billboards being just layers of vinyl, there’s no chance something like this will happen during a hurricane, exposing a crazy advertisement from 2022 in 2048. Will there even still be billboards by then? What will everyone be thinking about our current car ads? Tell us what you think.

Images via YouTube

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