We Now Know Who Crashed Lewis Hamilton’s Old Pagani

Aug 29, 2023 1 min read
We Now Know Who Crashed Lewis Hamilton’s Old Pagani

And the winner is…

Anytime someone crashes an exotic beauty any photos or video of the accident and/or its aftermath make the rounds online like wildfire. That’s understandable considering supercars and hypercars often cost more than the house most people live in. But when someone crashes an exotic that used to be owned by one of the big names in Formula One, that makes an even bigger splash.

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That certainly was the case when the new owner of Lewis Hamilton’s old Pagani Zonda 760 LH wrecked out. While the current owner purchased the Italian stallion back in 2015, most people had no idea who it was, so when news of the exotic crash broke people were wondering who to shame online.

We don’t advocate shaming someone, especially when most internet commentators have enough trouble steering their EcoBoost Mustang whilst leaving a parking lot. It’s quite doubtful they would make it more than a few hundred feet in the V12-powered Pagani before crashing even harder.

Still, plenty are laughing at and others are horrified by the accident which involved the Zonda spinning out of control, hitting the wall in the Penmaenbach Tunnels in Conwy. While the Pagani didn’t fare so well, nobody was injured in the crash and its aftermath, which is the most important part of the whole story.

However, British billionaire Mark Radcliffe, the owner and driver of the vehicle, is going to be facing some expensive repairs, both for the Zonda and his reputation. It’s apparent his exotic ride will need quite a bit of bodywork and some of the suspension replaced. As is usually the case with accidents, once components are stripped off it’s likely there’s more damage lurking beneath the surface. But we think Radcliffe can afford to have whatever’s necessary done.

Image via Twitter

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