Camaro Smacks Into Tree At 120 MPH

Nov 11, 2022 1 min read
Camaro Smacks Into Tree At 120 MPH

This cop chase ended in a spectacular and terrifying way.

When it comes to criminals running from the police, some people manage to get so far that it’s almost impressive. Others, of course, eventually escape their chasers while a very unlucky few end up in the hospital after an entanglement with the cops. This particular woman was the latter of those three options and soon found out exactly what it feels like to crash into a tree at 120 miles per hour and escape with her life.

The story begins with a Jeep which flew past police at over 100 mph without much intention to stop. Eventually that vehicle pulled over for the cops but not before a Camaro joined the fun. Both cars were “driving recklessly, speeding, and crossing the yellow line” which is just about all the information some cops need to assume probable cause. All of this happened on the way to Kanab in Kane County, a town that the suspect eventually got to.

Once there, the Camaro and police engaged in a dance of sorts. Turn after turn led the way to long straights and eventually a steep hill. Somewhere down the line, the driver of the Camaro reached speeds of around 120 mph. After going over the hill, the police lost sight of the car which would have been the perfect time to pull off to a side road, into a clearing, or just keep driving and hope for the best. Instead the driver smacked into a tree and fled on foot. After capturing the fleeing suspect, police found what can only be described as a whole bunch of drugs along with a .357 revolver. So the lesson here is, if you’re going to run from police, be wary of what’s on the other side of the hills.

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