Project Origin "Motor Bicycle" Unveils a Centuries-old Legacy.

In a tribute to its century-old legacy, Royal Enfield is set to showcase the Project Origin "motor bicycle" 1901 replica at the renowned 2023 Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week. This meticulously crafted gem will unveil itself to the New England audience at "The Gathering at Rough Point" on Friday, September 29th, with the historic Fort Adams State Park playing host to it on September 30th.

Royal Enfield, with its storied 122-year journey, had once envisioned the future of motorcycling with its motorized bicycle prototype. However, the sands of time, coupled with global events, led to the disappearance of this mechanical marvel. But where history seemed to fade, passion and dedication brought it back. Enter Gordon May, the distinguished historian and Royal Enfield aficionado. Together with a global team of engineers, designers, and vintage motorcycling experts, May embarked on the herculean task of resurrecting the oldest motorcycle. With the original blueprints lost to time, this venture was no less than a leap of faith.

Nathan Kolbe, the Head of Marketing for Royal Enfield's Americas Region, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Being a part of an event that celebrates historical masterpieces is always a thrilling experience for us at Royal Enfield. Presenting the unique Project Origin at the Audrain Concours amidst a sea of history enthusiasts is bound to be a memorable chapter in our Newport journey."

Echoing similar sentiments, Audrain CEO, Donald Osborne, remarked, “Witnessing Royal Enfield bring their Project Origin to life at such a significant event is truly special. This piece of art is not just a motorcycle; it's a testimony to human determination and the spirit of innovation. I have no doubt that it will be revered for generations to come.”

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