Rick Ross Converting His Property To Automotive Museum

Oct 14, 2022 2 min read
Rick Ross Converting His Property To Automotive Museum

Ross is leaning heavily into his passion for cars, and it's fantastic.

Rick Ross has been in the automotive media a lot recently because of his love for all things classic when it comes to cars. Answering the question "what happens when you give a car enthusiast multiple millions of dollars and a skill that will make them rich beyond their wildest dreams?" Mr. Ross has become somewhat of an icon for car people everywhere. This year he showed off around 100 cars via his own private car show on his property but the party doesn't stop there. In fact, the Hip-Hop star says he plans to acquire yet another 100 cars of various types and it appears that this car show might be a reoccurring event. This is surely an exciting thing to hear for anyone who likes Rick Ross and his incredible cars, it certainly isn't the only major thing he's doing these days.

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Recently, the man has begun working on a project that could be described as the most flamboyant and ridiculous thing a rapper has done in modern days. That's a really wild title to give anything considering the fact that musicians are some of the most extravagant people on the planet. However not many of them have constructed an entire Museum specifically to feature their classic car collection. That's exactly what Rick Ross is currently in the process of converting his property into a hotspot for showcasing all of his automobiles.

This is all confirmed by an Instagram post added on Tuesday October 5th where he showed  the process in a detailed fashion. Stating that he already has around 200 Cars to work with, Rick Ross also says he plans to acquire 100 more to make the piece as interesting and historically valuable as possible. When all is said and done this will likely be one of the biggest automotive museums ever built which should show an Incredibly diverse range of cars from all eras. Until the work is finished, you could label all of this as speculation or possibly even a publicity stunt but this exciting news might also spell a new era and a flourishing bridge between the worlds of music and automotive culture.

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