Recycling Yard Hides Hundreds Of Classic Cars

Jan 12, 2024 2 min read
Recycling Yard Hides Hundreds Of Classic Cars

Stop looking for rural farms and start hunting for your barn finds at the city dump!

If you watch some “barn find” classic car content online, you might be under the impression all the cool old cars that aren’t in the greatest condition are hidden away on rural farms in the Midwest. While there certainly are quite a few stashes like that, we ran across a video posted by Jerry Battaglia from a Long Island junk yard/recycling yard where hundreds are classic cars are hidden away from the public’s view.

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That’s right, not too far from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple are “barn find condition” or worse classic cars most people have no idea even exist. This just goes to show if you know the right people and you make enough friends, eventually you’re going to uncover finds like this.

You might be wondering who would throw away a perfectly good car. Or you might be looking at some of these rides and thinking they’re complete junk. Some probably can’t be saved or aren’t worth the effort, although they might be good for some parts. As Battaglia notes, the condition of some of the classics seem to indicate they’ve been sitting in the elements for over three decades.

This collection of classics is pretty impressive, dwarfing some we’ve seen in a farmer’s fields, wooded properties, etc. It just goes to show sometimes you can find some diamonds in the rough, including the city dump.

We’re not telling you to sneak into junk yards or scrap metal recycling yards, to be absolutely clear. Actually, we’ve never advocated for trespassing at all when hunting for barn find classic cars or whatever you want to call them. Instead, it’s best to be good at talking to people and being persuasive so you get permission to poke around, or even better, a guided tour.

Images via YouTube

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