Record Jump General Lee Flies Again

Oct 10, 2021 2 min read
Record Jump General Lee Flies Again

The Charger that holds the record for the longest jump was left for dead, but not everyone gave up on it!

The 1969 Dodge Charger is arguably one of America’s favorite Mopar muscle cars due to its high-performance engine options, classic styling, and Hollywood appearance in a myriad of classic movies and TV shows. Of course, this high praise was built from years of hard work building up a reputation that rivals cars such as the Challenger, Road Runner, and ‘Cuda. If you ask most Mopar fans which cars they would pick to have in their forever stable they would more than likely choose the now-famous Dodge twins with a heavy emphasis on the Charger. One could make the argument that this is, in part, due to the Dukes Of Hazzard series which showcased the car, the myth, the legend, The General Lee.

To recap, the series followed a duo of brothers, Bo and Luke Duke, on their journey through life as a couple of country boys running from the law in a small town. The funny and sometimes wild antics of the two dazzled thousands upon its release and millions still fully remember the pair to this day. For much of the show, The General Lee Charger served as less of a prop and more of the main character, eventually gaining a reputation for being rough and tough. To put it simply, The General Lee was bad beast.

Of course, accompanying these antics came to a lot of crazy stunts such as drifting, driving over rough terrain, and jumps galore. A huge part of The General Lee’s personality is its ability to take a hit, and take a hit it did. The original series had the car clearing rivers and canyons alike. One can only imagine if Thelma and Louis had picked up The General Lee along the way rather than the Ford Thunderbird. However, in a movie remake of the series from 2005, The General Lee can be seen flying over the freeway at ridiculous speeds throwing viewers back to the time of the original series. While the car was pretty badly injured it did survive filming and has since been restored to its former glory as The General Lee.

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