Was This The Home Of The Real-Life James Bond?

May 23, 2024 1 min read
Was This The Home Of The Real-Life James Bond?

Kicking tail and gathering intelligence must’ve been pretty fun behind the wheel of this classic car.

Secret spy missions, fast cars, and luxurious style, you might be thinking of the incredible James Bond but for most people that lifestyle is limited to the big screen. However, there has recently been an uncovering of what seems to be a former CIA agent’s abandoned home and his wicked cool Mercedes. This has led many to ask the question, what happened to this supposed agent of intelligence and how exactly does a former CIA operative live their daily life? Well, hopefully this will provide you some answers.

First of all, the similarity to popular television and movie series is not only in the former owners detective works. In fact, all across the home you’ll find various karate artifacts and pictures of an old karate dojo that the agent may have taught at. Without a doubt, this is a very interesting aspect of the intelligence lifestyle and whoever lived there must’ve been pretty well-versed in martial arts.

However, being a CIA intelligence officer and karate kid look alike wasn’t the only passion of this long gone homeowner. In fact, looking at the garage you’ll see a beautiful vintage Mercedes with a convertible top and white exterior paint job. This car was the epitome of luxury and class wrapped up in a very stylish uniform for anyone who wanted to protect themselves back in the day. So, the answer to that previous question is apparently the movies seem to get things pretty much exactly right and this guy must’ve been one incredibly interesting person.

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