Rambo Vs Jenner Vs Schwarzenegger Mustang Concepts

Mar 24, 2021 2 min read
Rambo Vs Jenner Vs Schwarzenegger Mustang Concepts

Do you remember these three Mustang concepts? Things sure have changed!

Three of the most famous men in history are Rambo, Bruce Jenner, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Known for their incredible feats of physical ability, Arnold for his intense strength, Bruce for speed, and Rambo for his dramatic combat skill. These are also the defining characteristic of a well-built muscle car. So, presumably to cover up the lackluster performance of the SN95 and Fox-Body platforms, Ford designers decided to build dedicated designs subsequently named the Jenner, Rambo, and Schwarzenegger Mustangs. From a round soft blob to a sharp aggressive face-eating monster, these 'Stangs all display a resemblance to the SN95 with minor changes that make all of the difference.

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The first out of the three is Bruce, ironically Jenner could have probably run faster than the mustang in question, the designers gave him the rounder of the three. The car was more akin to the Ford probe, which was scheduled to replace the Mustang, while the Mustang concept was RWD and had a V8 the exterior styling was soft and round. While the Jenner concept 'Stang didn't even look like a sports car much less a muscle car, our next entry takes “aggressive” to another level. This was the Rambo design, sharp aggressive lines drew the eye to the fang-like grill under a ram-air hood to give the appearance of a snake. However, the Mustang is a horse, not a snake so this design was also scrapped.

On one hand, you have the Bruce Jenner design which was anything but aggressive, on the other you had the Rambo which was so over the top it was hard to take it seriously.

Finally, we come to a close with the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This design was meant to hit right in the middle of boring and aggressive. Yes, there were sharp lines, however, they were done tastefully as to not give the impression that the car took itself too seriously, and if you can look past the anemic 5.0L that Ford has become so famous for, it looks pretty cool. This design was a real “hit with the crowd” shall we say, and as the name suggests the car would be back!

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