Porsche Panamera Found In Washington Lake By Drone Pilot

Jun 25, 2022 2 min read
Porsche Panamera Found In Washington Lake By Drone Pilot

Such a shame, people throwing away Porsches like this nowadays…

Thanks to an unnamed drone operator flying over Jiggs Lake in Mason County, Washington authorities removed a stolen Porsche Panamera from the water. The drone operator noticed the shape of a vehicle submerged in the lake, calling the Mason County Sheriff’s Office to report the finding. Deputies arrived on scene and so did some rescue divers, who helped with the recovery.

Watch our interview with a car detailer here.

While it doesn’t look like the German sedan was in that deep of water, it was enough to obscure it from prying eyes for a bit. Divers and a two truck had their work cut out for them since the Porsche was lodged in quite a bit of mud. If you’ve ever gotten an off-roader or truck stuck in the muck, you know how much suction power the stuff can have.

After pulling the Porsche Panamera out of the water, investigators were able to determine it had been stolen from King County. You’ll notice it doesn’t look parted out, save for the missing headlights. Since nobody popped the hood for the cameras, we don’t know if the engine is still there or if it has the more desirable V8.

Sometimes, criminals steal nice cars like this Porsche Panamera so they can commit other crimes without being traced. It’s nice, which is a plus, but one of the bigger motivations for swiping such a car would be superior performance versus your average ride. How exactly they boosted it hasn’t been made clear, but we’d be interested to know since modern Porsches like Audis and a few other brands are known for being difficult to take.

With car thefts still running rampant in many places, this is a good reminder to take extra precautions to secure your ride. Always keep it locked, secure your keys, park in a garage at night if you can, and maybe think of installing some extra security features to make it harder to steal.

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