Plymouth Road Runner Restomod Is A Former Stunt Double

Feb 5, 2022 2 min read
Plymouth Road Runner Restomod Is A Former Stunt Double

This car was in two Fast and Furious movies.

Unless you work in show business, it’s not every day you get to rub shoulders with a movie star. It’s even better when that star has four wheels and doesn’t ramble on about useless things. This 1970 Plymouth Road Runner was a stunt double in Fast and Furious 3 Tokyo Drift and Fast 4. In fact, it was on standby as the car Lettie rolled, but as fortune would have it the Mopar was spared that fate. As you can see, it’s enjoying retirement and looking fantastic.

A guy named Jamie bought the Road Runner once it was set out to pasture as a stunt car, then set out to make one badass restomod. We love the toned-down look of the car, which is fitting with what the Road Runner stood for back in the day. Also, we approve of the 20 SCRWS vanity plate, because it’s far better than pretty much any other one we’ve ever seen.

image credit: YouTube

You’ll note there’s a big detail which isn’t quit so subtle and departs from the factory look in a big way: the hood. Jamie actually integrated those three big scoops into the fiberglass, which is impressive. Even better, those three scoops are functional, not just cosmetic. He admits people either love or hate the change.

Those scoops are feeding a big block 426 Hemi V8. The funny thing is the block is actually a 497, so this car is pushing well beyond the factory horsepower now. What’s more, the block was designed for top fuel racing in the 60s, but it’s running street heads so it’s not pushing anything crazy like 3,000-hp. Jamie says it makes 763-hp on the dyno, which isn’t too shabby.

Watch the video to learn more about this build – Jamie is a real Mopar fan and has the Road Runner tattoo to prove it. He built in some clever features on this muscle car that might inspire you.

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