Plymouth GTX Flexes And Holds Its Own Against Modern Muscle

Jan 11, 2022 2 min read
Plymouth GTX Flexes And Holds Its Own Against Modern Muscle

Will 60 years of engineering and pure American grit be enough to blast through the competition in the modern muscle car era for this GTX?

The Plymouth GTX is possibly one of America’s most iconic and rare muscle cars to come out of the late 1960s and early 1970s. This is primarily because of the extensive engine options, unique styling, and excellent performance that you could equip these cars with. It was challenging to find a vehicle that could compete with the GTX from the factory, but there was no chance of anything beating a modded version. 10 and 11-second quarter-mile passes were like breathing for these cars as they came stock with the ability to hit 13.5 seconds and a ton of tuning potential under the hood. Nowadays, the modern car culture is dominated by brands like Dodge, Ford, and Chevy, whose reputation has been built upon beating out the competition with the kind of style and grace that a brand new muscle car can provide. So how do these legends compare against one another?

That is precisely what this series of races aimed to answer as this stunning white and black Plymouth GTX has been prepared to take on the meatiest of competitors on the drag strip. First up is a 2020 GT500 Ford Mustang who decided to go against the vintage muscle car multiple times, with each pass having a similar outcome. Essentially the Mustang would fumble the launch, and the Plymouth GTX took the initial lead. Eventually, the ‘Stang would catch up and win with a mid-10-second pass while the GTX ran in the 11-second range.

The previous races seem to have been little more than practice runs as the crazy GTX later boasted mid-10-second time when faced up against the likes of some of America’s top competitors. These cars included a supercharged Ford Mustang that ran mid 9 seconds and a C7 Z06 which ran the same time. So while the GTX lost every race that it took place in, it was made clear that the car had a lot more up its sleeve. So perhaps we’ll see the vehicle again running through the opposition with 9-second quarter-mile times in the future.

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