C8 E-Ray Might Be The Future Of Corvettes

Jan 11, 2022 2 min read
C8 E-Ray Might Be The Future Of Corvettes

A hybrid powertrain could be the ticket…

Spy photographers have been tracking down the much-rumored but not officially acknowledged C8 Corvette E-Ray for some time now. People understandably have their reservations about the hybrid Corvette, which is understandable considering the full court press on electrification so much of the automotive media has been pushing recently. However, not all may be lost with the E-Ray and it might even signal a bright future for the Corvette.

Learn the fate of the tornado-damage C8 Corvettes here.

The general line of thinking is the E-Ray will fit between the Z51 and Z06 for the C8 Corvette lineup. Some claim it will supersede the Z06. Chevrolet has offered many versions of its quintessential sports car to cover the different proclivities of enthusiasts. With some wanting the benefits of electrification but who aren’t too excited about fully embracing it, the E-Ray could be quite compelling.

We already know the 6.2-liter LT2 V8 is quite good, which is in part why the C8 Corvettes have been so red hot. The word is GM will be using a mild hybrid powertrain. That might not sound exciting, but the increased low-end torque and smoothed-out powerband would make the sports car that much more enjoyable to drive in the city. Depending on how it’s tuned, the E-Ray could boast some impressive 0-60 and quarter-mile times.

With the E-Ray one doesn’t have to worry so much about range. Since official specs and such haven’t been revealed, we’re not entirely sure what kind of a hybrid powertrain it has, but at the very least in a pinch an owner would be able to drive using just the gasoline engine if the battery for the electric motor(s) has been depleted. For many, this fear of not being able to make it to a charger and running out of juice in an EV is very real. Since you can’t carry a can of electricity back to the car, the only option in such a situation would be an expensive tow to where it can be plugged in.

Until the actual reveal of the E-Ray, we’re left to simply speculate about what it might mean for the already red-hot C8 Corvette.

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