Ford Makes The New Mustang Difficult To Tune

Oct 13, 2022 2 min read
Ford Makes The New Mustang Difficult To Tune

Funny how this is becoming a trend…

Boy the 2024 Ford Mustang sure looks impressive, especially considering Ford has decided to make it almost impossible to tune. That’s right, much like how the C8 Corvette is one tough cookie to crack, the new pony car will be almost impossible to hack, if you’re to believe a recent report from Fox News.

See the Ferraris and other exotics trashed by Hurricane Ian here.

The excuse with this move is that automakers are trying to keep us safe from Eastern European hackers who want to take over your car remotely and make you die. After all, stuff like that happens all the time… in the movies. Don’t you feel loved with all these safeguards?

Truth be told, we kind of wonder if these “hack-proof” cars aren’t to fulfill automakers’ dreams they had years ago when they tried making it illegal for people to work on or modify their own car because that somehow is a copyright violation. In other words, if they can’t use the might of the US legal system to stop you from tweaking your Mustang, they’ll just use technology to block you.

With this information in hand, suddenly the power boost in the S650 Mustang doesn’t seem worth it. Sure, if you get the GT then the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 pumps out 480-horsepower, but to squeeze anything more out of it will require the kinds of computer skills it would take to steal a Tesla. Same thing goes for the Mustang Dark Horse.

Currently, there are plenty of guys running modified S550 Mustang GTs with some decent mods and pushing the kind of horsepower you see from a Hellcat. The silver lining is Ford supposedly is working with aftermarket companies to provide “approved” parts and tunes by next summer. Boy, we can hardly wait to see what those cost, because surely with Ford controlling access to such things it will be super affordable (that’s sarcasm for anyone lacking a sense of humor).

It's sad to see Ford jumping on the anti-enthusiast bandwagon, but here we are. This trend is growing and we fear it will become much worse because companies see a way to squeeze all of us for extra cash.

Source: Fox News

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