Mustang Tries Drifting In Front Of Cops

Jan 26, 2023 2 min read
Mustang Tries Drifting In Front Of Cops

It did not end well…

A video is making the rounds of a Ford Mustang driver drifting on a public road right in front of a cop standing on the sidewalk. The guy loses control of his pony car as it careens over a cement median and into oncoming traffic. This is exactly the sort of thing which reinforces the old stereotypes that Mustang drivers can’t control their cars, they’re in general reckless idiots, and they crash all the time.

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Some people on the internet are claiming this went down at a Cars and Coffee event in Florida. However, the person who uploaded it to Reddit simply stated “Only in Florida.” We’re guessing they’re not aware this sort of thing happens in every state, Canada, hell even Australia.

How could anyone miss all the memes about Mustang drivers crashing as they leave car meets? What about all the articles, videos, forum posts, etc. on the topic? It’s not a Florida-only sort of thing, although smoking meth will an alligator rides shotgun and you drift your way out of a car meet in your Mustang is, in fact, a Florida thing.

The temptation to show off while leaving a car meet is incredibly high for some people. Sadly, it’s not just Mustang drivers who give into the pressure, although everyone loves to focus on them. We’ve seen examples of Camaro, Challenger, Corvette, and even BMW drivers doing it too.

Whoever is doing this sort of thing not only is a reckless idiot, they’re likely going to help get whatever car meet they were attending shut down permanently. Like you can see in the video, cops like to sit and observe as people leave car meets. Some of them are just looking for excuses to hand out citations.

Often, they’re present at the request of the mayor or city council because someone is trying to get the meet shut down for good. Doing a burnout, drifting, or engaging in any other reckless behavior is a good way to if not seal the deal, then edge closer to stopping future gatherings.

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