'63 Split Window Corvette Enters Supercharger Heaven

Jan 25, 2022 2 min read
'63 Split Window Corvette Enters Supercharger Heaven

With the full force of a very competent and dedicated build on its side, this C2 Corvette is the perfect classic restomod.

The C2 Corvette is one of America's most iconic sports cars because of the ridiculous engine options, sleek styling, and Hollywood star power. Classic car collectors love these things in stock form as the split window models are some of the rarest cars ever to hit the nation's sales floor. That means that, for purists, modification is a big no-no, but we car enthusiasts don't like it when other people tell us what to do with our cars. This particular car serves as a testament to the ever-present rebellious energy that lives within all of us. Despite being one of the most desirable and valuable cars on the classic collector market, this vicious 'Vette has been customized to fit the exact personality of its owner. So what is it about the car that makes it so terrifying to classic purists everywhere?

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The best place to start would be the interior, as it has been fully customized by Roadster Shop and Avant-Garde, who did the leather upholstery. While the original Corvette's cockpit was very well put together, this craftsmanship shines as one of the most beautiful interiors ever made. It's simple and clean with a ton of attention to detail without all of the "in your face" luxury that modern luxury cars seem to love. Additionally, it would appear that Roadster Shop did some work to open up the inside space. The seating is reportedly very comfortable, despite the Corvette always having a bit of a problem with vertical space.

Of course, the original second-generation Corvette was built solely for competition racing and performance. That's precisely why the stock powertrain has been replaced with the famous 6.2-liter supercharged LT4 V8 engine, which produces 650 horsepower. With just 3,200 lbs weighing it down, this car flies like a bat out of hell when appropriately driven. It's hard not to smile when you look at this car because of the incredible design and effort that went into building this masterpiece of modification. We don't care if it's original or not, this car is fantastic!

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