Mustang Driver Folds His Door

Jun 4, 2024 1 min read
Mustang Driver Folds His Door

We thought only grandmas did this…

A video of a Mustang driver folding his door forward on a garage wall while reversing is making the rounds online and it’s pretty cringe-inducing. What really surprises us is that someone who for all appearances is in his prime could do such a bone-headed thing. We can’t see the guy clearly in the video (bet he’s thankful for that) but all his friends look to be young, so it’s safe to assume he is as well.

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The only time we’ve seen people forget their driver’s door is open and then smash or fold it on something is when they’re elderly and not all the cognitive functions are firing on all cylinders. What this guy’s excuse is remains a mystery but we’d love to hear it. We’d even love to have him on the podcast so we can ask him all about it.

All the guy’s buddies tried yelling out and stopping him once they realize he was going to put the Mustang in reverse without closing the door. He seemed to be pretty confused because the guy didn’t hit the brakes immediately as the door made contact with the garage wall but instead kept going until the door was pointing forward at a sick angle.

Also noteworthy is the fact the driver hit the windshield wipers like he was confused about how to stop the car from backing up. Again, we’ve only seen elderly drivers do this sort of thing. The wiper controls are nowhere near the transmission, so getting those two confused takes some sheer confusion.

We would also love to have heard the conversation this guy had with the claims adjuster from his insurance carrier. Thankfully he has video of the incident, otherwise we’re not sure anyone would believe his story. Check it out for yourself.

Images via Instagram

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