Guy Buys Rental Hellcat in Creative Scam

Apr 17, 2024 2 min read
Guy Buys Rental Hellcat in Creative Scam

Be very careful buying a vehicle right now…

Boy, the car sales scams are everywhere these days! We’re hearing about more and more creative ways scammers are separating innocent victims from their hard-earned cash, including this sad story about a man who purchased a Dodge Challenger Hellcat which turned out to really be a rental car. We just couldn’t make this up.

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According to the rental company, Drive3 Rentals in Los Angeles, the guy who rented the muscle car from them didn’t return it on time, so they flipped on the installed GPS tracking device. That’s when the company found out the guy who had the Mopar paid the person who rented it $26,000 to buy it but was issued a fake title.

Look, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Nobody is going to sell you a Hellcat like this for $26,000 cash. If someone were to make us that kind of offer, we would be super suspicious and rightfully so. It’s actually a regular practice for thieves to create fake titles for cars they’ve stolen, then turn around and sell them to someone else. Sadly, this means they victimize two parties for the price of one stolen car.

In this case, the guy who dropped $26,000 on the stolen Dodge Hellcat got to work customizing it. He Plasti Dipped the wheels, trunk lid, and roof, which we’re debating if that alone is worthy of a criminal citation. Even though we might not agree with his tastes, in a way we feel sorry for his falling for the scam and losing all that money.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up for Driv3 Rentals to help the guy recover the money he lost. We’re not going to tell anyone to contribute and we can’t vouch for how legitimate the campaign is, so if you want to pitch any money in you’re doing so at your own risk. The link for that campaign is here.

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