Mopar Dominates Truck, Muscle Car Loyalty

Mar 18, 2022 2 min read
Mopar Dominates Truck, Muscle Car Loyalty

Ford and Chevy fans, don’t shoot the messenger…

Things can get pretty heated when it comes to discussions about who makes the best truck or muscle car. People are passionate about their machines and we appreciate that. But it seems like the Mopar crowd is the most loyal among modern enthusiasts, at least according to the recently IHS Markit’s 26th annual Automotive Loyalty awards program. Ford and Chevy fans, don’t get mad at us, we’re just passing on what IHS concluded.

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So we’re all on the same page, IHS defined loyalty as when a household which owns a new vehicle goes back and buys or leases another new vehicle of the same make, model, or manufacturer. It’s possible the new vehicle is a replacement, but it might be an addition to what the household already has.  The survey was limited to the United States and the year 2021.

In the Light-Duty Pickup segment, the Ram 1500 landed in the top spot. That’s really no surprise, considering it has occupied that number one position for six years in a row.

The Ram 2500 and 3500 snagged the top spot in the Heavy Duty Pickup segment, giving the truck brand full bragging rights versus its rivals.

While there is no segment designated by IHS for muscle cars, there is a Sports Car segment, which the Dodge Challenger dominated.

Before the Mopar crowd starts feeling too smug, it’s worth noting IHS recognized General Motors as the top manufacturer for loyalty. It’s the 7th time in a row GM has snagged the honor, this time around retaining 64 percent of its customers for return buys.

Also, Ford landed in the number one spot for the Overall Loyalty to Make category, the 12th time in a row it’s won.

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