Montreal Authorities Make Stolen Car Bust Again

Apr 20, 2023 2 min read
Montreal Authorities Make Stolen Car Bust Again

This should put a dent in the theft rings…

Authorities in Montreal are celebrating the seizure of $2.6 million worth of stolen cars which were discovered at the Port of Montreal on April 10. It took the coordination of multiple Canadian law enforcement agencies to pull off the bust, which netted 53 vehicles. Not surprisingly, most of those were from luxury brands, a common target in Canada.

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We’ve covered before how many stolen vehicles in Canada end up being shipped to Africa or the Middle East. They leave the county often through the Port of Montreal, hidden in shipping containers behind mattresses or other legitimate goods. It’s become such a common problem that this is the second bust in less than a month.

Since January 1, authorities have seized 252 stolen vehicles at the Port of Montreal. Just imagine how many cars slipped through. Theft is a big business with international rings not only involved in swiping cars but also shoplifting, drug trafficking, and human trafficking. This is why we don’t see car theft as a minor problem in society.

As noted by CTV News, car theft totals in Montreal have exploded, just like in many other parts of Canada and the United States. Over 9,500 vehicles were reported as stolen in 2022, double the total from 2020. We know a lot of people think the problem is being overstated, that is until they have their car swiped.

Instead of waiting for thieves to target your ride, the best thing is to park in a secured building whenever possible and stay away from dark, low-traffic areas of parking lots. Using an anti-theft device such as an aftermarket alarm or even a steering wheel club can help deter some thieves. Also, putting a GPS tracker in your car even if it already has one active can help with recovering it later.

Source: CTV News

Images via YouTube

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