Watch Modern And Classic Porsches Shipped Across Thailand

Apr 12, 2021 2 min read
Watch Modern And Classic Porsches Shipped Across Thailand

It’s for an epic trip organized by Renn Drive…

When you think of vehicles in Thailand, your mind probably immediately goes to motorcycles, those funny three-wheeled things, and super compact cars. That’s why seeing modern and classic Porsches from just about every era of the German automaker’s history in the Asian country seems like such a contrast. In the included video, you get to see such Porsches being loaded onto transports in Muan Thong Thani, then shipped 500 km to the southern portion of the country so drivers can embark from there on the epic 1,100 km road trip.

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Starting on March 21, two dozen Porsches ranging from air-cooled classics to modern masterpieces, including one RWB 911, embarked on the road trip organized by Renn Drive, wrapping it up on the 24th. Renn Drive is a group of Porsche enthusiasts who like to take their cars on driving tours 2 or 3 times a year. They hit up different countries, choosing scenic, interesting routes.

image credit: YouTube

This particular route is called Renn Drive on the Beach and it’s the third such outing. Some of the places where the enthusiasts stopped was Chumpon, Surat Thai, Phang Nga, and Krabi. It’s a nice way for everyone to enjoy driving and visiting some interesting spots away from home.

You might be wondering why the different Porsches are being loaded on transports. As Edd Ellison explains in the video, it’s to keep miles off the cars. We’re a little surprised they didn’t use covered transports if they’re that concerned about their vehicles, but maybe such a thing wasn’t available?

image credit: YouTube

If you want to know more about Renn Drive and their activities in Thailand, watch the video. Ellison does a lot of talking, so it’s a great thing is you’re intrigued and just want to learn, or if you’re perhaps interested in joining up with the group to enjoy such adventures.

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