Eddie Hughes gets one heck of a centennial birthday present when the classic Bentley he used to drive was tracked down.

Making it to 100 years old is a luxury many of us won’t experience, but former chauffeur, Eddie Hughes, reached that milestone recently. To make his achievement even sweeter, he got a classic Bentley, one he used to drive, to go along with the celebrations.

Lacock, U.K resident, Eddie Hughes used to drive a Bentley S3 that he picked up from the factory for his employer back in 1964. He drove his employer around for a year before moving on to a different job, but never forgot the Bentley. When his family gave him the keys to the car recently, he was very surprised.

Ron, his 69 year old son, set out to find the car twenty years ago when his father told him about the car, and how much he admired it. Eddie’s son contacted Bentley club all over the globe, but it was when Ron’s son, James, punched in the registration through an online search that they found the car for sale in the United States.

The car was sold to the family through the Beverly Hills Car Club, and it was shipped to the U.K. after the sale of $44k. However, it was in need of some help as the years had taken a toll on the classic luxury car.

"The car was very complete with its original parts but its running condition was poor until it was fixed," Ron said.

The reunion with the Bentley was said to be an emotional one, and we hope the car gets to stay in the family for the rest of its days.

Source: Trevor Porter / SWNS

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