Mercury Comet, Ranchero, And Old School Trans Am Found In The Woods

Mar 7, 2023 1 min read
Mercury Comet, Ranchero, And Old School Trans Am Found In The Woods

These vehicles may one day drive again.

Two Fords and a Pontiac walk into the woods, it might sound like the set up to a really cheesy car joke but that’s exactly what happened to this trailer of classic automobiles. Likely having sat for multiple decades, it’s crazy to think about just How long it may have been since one of these cars touched the road. So what exactly are these three masterpieces that seem to reflect the best designs of their times?

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First of all, there is the Mercury Comet which might not seem like much but meant a lot for the consumer base of its day. Built in 1964, this old school muscle car was a great choice for anyone with a knack for unique automobiles. Right next to that you’ll find a pretty well-preserved Ford Ranchero GT. Both of these cars represent some of the best design features that Ford could offer in their respective eras.

Finally, there is the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from what looks like sometime between 1977 and 1978. Under the hood is… well nothing actually, although it would have originally come with something along the lines of a 6.6-liter V8. All of these cars are in pretty rough shape, as you might expect from three vehicles that have been sitting in a forest for a few years. However, none of these cars are beyond the point where saving them is possible. So, the question really is, do you think they will be?

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