He also saved himself a small fortune but bit off a ton of work, too.

Being a car enthusiast  when you’re not rich and have responsibilities can be tough. This guy in  South Carolina is a boat mechanic and father of three, so he’s having  to turn to some creative ways to have a dream car. In the video below he snags a sweet 1974 Porsche 911 Targa for just $500. Actually, it’s really rough, and understandably so since  it came from a scrap yard. The big question is if doing such a thing is  genius or foolish?

Most people would absolutely lose it to find a Porsche 911 of any year, any model for a mere $500. That’s an incredible deal, even  if the engine is shot and the interior is non-existent, which isn’t too  far off from this ride. Michael Wagner, who made this video and bought  the car, has some plans for it like fitting the 911 Targa with a wider  body. That should make some of the damage negligible, but he definitely  has a long road ahead of him.

Targa models are somewhat controversial among some Porsche enthusiasts. Actually, pretty much everything is controversial among them, including when the brand switched from the Porsche 356 to the 911, or made the Porsche 928.  Still extremely controversial was the switch to water cooling for the  Porsche 996, a car abhorred by a surprising number of enthusiasts. And  don’t even mention the Porsche Cayenne to some people, unless you want to get an earful and then some.

Ultimately, this Porsche 911 Targa is still a work in progress. The  guy has several more videos on his channel detailing the progress, but  it’s slow-going since he has a day job and other cars he’s trying to  resurrect. Still, there’s a lot he could do with this car, considering  it’s pretty much a blank slate at the moment.

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