Last LX Dodge Charger Rolls Off The Production Line

Jan 26, 2024 1 min read
Last LX Dodge Charger Rolls Off The Production Line

And it's a Widebody.

The final Dodge Charger has emerged from the production line. Painted in the striking Destroyer Gray, the last LX Dodge Charger is a Scat Pack Widebody, symbolizing the culmination of a legacy that has fueled the dreams of car enthusiasts for years. This momentous occasion took place on Friday, December 22, alongside the assembly of the final Dodge Challenger, an SRT Demon 170 cloaked in Pitch Black.

Check out the Demon 170’s exclusive paint offering here.

The production halt of these powerful vehicles signifies a significant chapter closure in automotive history. The Dodge Charger, particularly in its seventh generation introduced in 2011, has been a staple on roads, amassing a production count of around 1.8 million units. The Charger's range, from the supercharged Hellcat variants to the more subdued models, showcased Dodge's commitment to offering a diverse lineup, ensuring there was a Charger for every type of driver.

As the assembly lines fall silent for these iconic models, including the Chrysler 300 which saw its final production on December 20, enthusiasts and the industry alike reflect on the impact and legacy of the Dodge Charger. The Scat Pack Widebody, with its aggressive stance and formidable power, represents more than just a car; it symbolizes the adventurous spirit and relentless innovation that Dodge has injected into the automotive world.

While this chapter may be closing, the legacy of the Dodge Charger, especially the final Scat Pack Widebody in Destroyer Gray, will continue to inspire and resonate within the car community. It's a tribute to the passion, power, and pride that Dodge has fueled in the hearts of car lovers across generations.

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