Police Department Auctioning Its Last Crown Vic

Sep 20, 2022 2 min read
Police Department Auctioning Its Last Crown Vic

It’s the end of an era…

If you’re thinking Ford Crown Victorias aren’t used by police departments anymore, you’re mostly right. There are still some of these trust workhorses helping to protect and serve, but soon there will be none left in service of the Bradenton Police Department. The final one is heading to auction in the near future, making for an interesting potential project car for anyone interested.

Check out the final Chrysler 300C here.

This is a genuine 2010 Ford Crown Victoria with all the police trimmings. Actually, they’ll probably remove most of those before selling the car, for obvious reasons. After all, why would you need roof lights and a cage for the backseat?

Some people absolutely love the final-gen Crown Vics. They have a bit of a cult following, thanks to their spacious interior, ample trunk, and decent V8 power applied to the ground through the rear wheels. You won’t be winning a ton of drag races against Hellcats and Shelbys unless you do some seriously crazy mods, but this could still be a fine vehicle for cruising around town.

If you don’t know, Bradenton is a city south of Tampa, Florida. That means this cruiser wasn’t running up and down on snowy, salted roads, so the chassis might be in great shape. However, it’s easy to see some TLC will be needed for other areas. For example, the tint on the back window is bubbling a little. While the graphics no doubt will be removed, don’t expect the paint to be flawless. There are some scratches and dents visible, but officers at least didn’t curb rash the wheels.

An exact date of the auction hasn’t been supplied yet, but keep your eye on the Bradenton Police Twitter account, where the original announcement was dropped.

Images via Twitter

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