Man Discovers Land Rover Barn Find

Oct 21, 2022 2 min read
Man Discovers Land Rover Barn Find

This is a pretty cool find!

British YouTuber The Bearded Explorer recently uploaded a video which shows a fairly well-preserved Land Rover Defender seemingly abandoned in a remote building. This discovery really has people talking as so many in the UK and around the world have positive feelings towards Defenders, vehicles which are known for being able to get through just about any terrain. To see one covered in dust not from blasting down a trail but just from sitting for years on end is almost heartbreaking.

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That Defender wasn’t alone in the dusty old barn. Also present were several other classic cars, including a Ford Capri MK1 and a Rover 213 SE. The shell of another Defender was sitting outside, covered in debris. Of course, we’re really interested in the whole Defender, as most people are, but we’re sure some are excited to see the other rides.

According to the YouTuber, the Land Rover and the other vehicles sitting in the undisclosed location won’t be abandoned for much longer. A friend of his was entertaining possibly buying the whole lot as they were being sent to auction after the late owner passed away. Long story short, the guy was able to score all of the vehicles, so they’ve gone to a home where they’ll be cared for.

You might be wondering why people who supposedly love cars so much let them just sit in some barn and rot. It’s a question which goes way beyond automotive enthusiasm and crosses well into psychological territory. The best we can manage to explain is that some people have trouble letting go and it can be for a variety of complicated reasons. That might manifest itself in keeping vehicles in a barn, or a field, or wherever and refusing to sell them even as they’re going to seed, insisting you’re going to fix them up soon.

Yes, seeing this can be frustrating for the enthusiast who would genuinely be waxing rides like this with a diaper in their temperature-controlled garage every weekend.

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