Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Paint Is Mesmerizing

Aug 14, 2023 2 min read
Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Paint Is Mesmerizing

The Italians say it “unlocks the mystery of the color blue” or something…

To say Lamborghini has always had a flair for the dramatic would be like saying Madonna’s plastic surgery is subtle. Still, even from the company which has brought us some rather flamboyant and admittedly fun designs, this “Opera Unica” Huracan Sterrato recently unveiled is pretty wild.

Learn more about the Espada here.

The one-off car features a unique triple-layer crystal-effect paint unlike anything we’ve seen before. Lamborghini says it was developed by the Ad Personam department, making for the ultimate advertisement for the factory customization experience.

Most well-heeled shoppers flock to Rolls-Royce or maybe an aftermarket tuner when they have some wild, off-the-wall vision for their high-end car. After all, Ferrari won’t entertain such foolishness and neither will many other automakers in the space. But Lamborghini absolutely will and with an enthusiasm that’s refreshing.

This unique paint job was created with the help of James Fox, a famous art historian, who drew inspiration from the island of Sardina with its blue skies and clear waters. Surely that wasn’t cheap to hire the guy, transport him there, come up with the process to paint the Huracan Sterrato just so, etc. But that’s the whole point of conspicuous consumption!

In the official press release, there’s all kinds of philosophical talk about the existential nature of the color blue, the kinds of stuff you might expect to hear on a college campus or maybe in your corner coffee shop. What does it all mean? Well, in this case it means a unique vehicle that’s probably super expensive for everyone to admire and maybe even mock while admiring. The irony here is multiple layers thick.

Really, this is a great way for Lamborghini to show off its customization capabilities. After all, we and many other automotive sites are featuring this car, so it’s working out well.

Images via Lamborghini

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