Lambo Driver Pushes 152 MPH On Dangerous Two-Lane Road

Nov 24, 2023 2 min read
Lambo Driver Pushes 152 MPH On Dangerous Two-Lane Road

Lots of potential for things to go wrong there.

We all love driving fast sometimes, come on you can admit it we’re not the police. Every now and then your average car enthusiast might look down at the speedometer on their favorite sports car and realize they’re doing over 100 miles an hour, or they might be doing it intentionally. However there is an oddly clear line between having some dangerous fun on the road and taking it way too far to the point where it is severely dangerous to both yourself and others involved. That was exactly the case of this man who took his Lamborghini to a speed that was so high police had to publicize the feat.

For context, the road he was driving on was Highway 154. This is a two-lane highway that features a few turns here and there and some pretty rough conditions. The driver, a 50-something year old gentleman in his Lamborghini decided to push his ride up to 152 miles an hour. For this reason, police added a post to the Facebook group in which they pointed out that 152 is the state Route number and not the speed limit. By that logic, it’s a good thing he wasn’t going on state Route 246, otherwise he’d be headed just a little bit faster and then 150 miles an hour.

All jokes aside, that particular road has had many fatal crashes on it and is one of the more dangerous roads to drive on in that area making it an incredibly dangerous thing to go fast there. Luckily, it didn’t turn into some police chase or car theft investigation. Rather the driver pulled over immediately and was seemingly apologetic for his actions. At least it’s nice to know that the guy understands how ridiculously dangerous for everybody, but mostly other people, police chase on that road would’ve been. The man was issued a citation and was let go to preserve the officers ability to maintain law-enforcement in that area and hopefully the older gentleman has learned his lesson to keep it on the track.

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