Katt Williams Is Ready For Apocalypse With Hellfire Truck

Apr 28, 2022 2 min read
Katt Williams Is Ready For Apocalypse With Hellfire Truck

This massive truck has Katt Williams ready for the end of days.

Katt Williams is possibly one of the funniest and most underrated comedians to ever find a home on stage with a mic in their hand. Combining his extravagant nature with the flamboyant lifestyle of hip/hop, he created a character that had audiences rolling for decades. One of the most iconic aspects of that style has always been unique custom cars that show off the driver's wealth and status. Typically, these vehicles are called lowriders, but that is certainly not the only sort of car capable of presenting the "baller" life. Mr. Williams has recently acquired a vehicle that proves that trucks can be just as baroque.

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This is a 6x6 Apocalypse Hellfire truck that sports more than just good looks and massive tires. Powering this enormous beast is apparently a 3.0-liter eco diesel V6 engine that has a strong focus on low-end torque figures. Essentially, the truck is built for towing and offroading which it does exceptionally well with 600 ft/lbs of torque. With that in mind, it's a hilarious thought to imagine the 5' 5" comedian bouncing up and down in his massive kevlar-coated turbo-diesel truck as he transverses rough terrain. This performance is impressive, but what makes it unique from other Apocalypse vehicles?

The size of this truck is enough to satisfy Katt's vivacious personality on its own, but it also comes with a ton of add-ons to seal the deal. Holding up this massive utility vehicle is a set of six gigantic purple wheels which feature a five-spoke design. Complimenting the color scheme of the exterior is a matching purple diamond-stitch leather interior. Finally, we have the exterior kevlar coating, which sports a dark green color completing the iconic Katt Williams theme seen in his stand-up events. After a long career in making others laugh, the comedian has decided to celebrate his success with this monstrous 6x6 truck, which fits him well

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