1970 Chevelle Restomod Combines Good Looks And Performance

Nov 18, 2020 2 min read
1970 Chevelle Restomod Combines Good Looks And Performance

Wait until you see what’s under the hood.

Few will argue that the look of this 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle is iconic. After all, many people immediately think of the shape of this coupe when the term “classic muscle car” is used. And while the performance specs for this vehicle was respectable out of the box, someone saw fit to push this classic to new heights using modern innovations. The result is something truly special and you can only get it through Premier Auction Group.

photo credit: Premiere Auction Group

When we’re talking about modern performance the surpasses the factory spec, we’re not exaggerating. A new ZZ502 Chevrolet Big Block V8 crate engine has been installed for loads of low-end torque. That means monstrous launches off the line or just a lot of fun when cruising around town. A TH400 automatic transmission makes driving this Chevelle a cinch, too.

You also get power steering and power front disc brakes to help keep all that power in check. Firestone White Oval tires provide optimal grip and they have the right vintage look.

Speaking of appearances, this Chevelle sure makes an impression with its Candy Apple Red over Tan presentation. It recently went through a rotisserie restoration, so every nook and cranny has been cleaned up and polished to near perfection. You’ll note the stripes, chrome trim, hood pins, and everything else about the exterior looks great.

photo credit: Premiere Auction Group

As for the interior, there are Dakota digital gauges for a clean presentation and a tilt steering wheel as well as bucket front seats. A center console and Vintage Air Conditioning add to the conveniences. In other words, this muscle car has not only modern power but also modern conveniences loaded in.

Keep in mind, this 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle restomod is being auctioned off through the Premier Auction Group website. You can check it out there and place a bid or several to hopefully land this big fish.

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