Honda Race Truck Get Shiny New Engine

Nov 21, 2022 1 min read
Honda Race Truck Get Shiny New Engine

Hoonigan is taking this build to a crazy level.

We all know how versatile trucks can be when put in the hands of a dedicated team of car enthusiasts. However it’s unlikely that anybody has ever thought of a project as incredible as this one. Naturally, the idea comes courtesy of the hoonigan racing team and their dedicated builders. So how exactly does the dream team expect to cram an Indy car engine into the bay of a pick up truck?

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Well, first of all the vehicle needs to be able to handle all of that power and not snap in the house the first time he needs to make a turn. As you might’ve expected, they aren’t exactly alone in this endeavor either. In fact, Honda supplied the crew with an NSX to provide the truck with some great handling tech. Essentially, the front suspension system will be put together from the NSX onto the truck. This should be more than enough to make driving extremely fun.

As far as the engine goes, that work is accomplished by some of Honda’s track side engineers. They’ve done plenty of work on this sort of power train before, which seems pretty obvious considering the name. However, Hoonigan is the one who will actually be putting it in the truck. When all was said and done the engine sat nicely in the custom chassis and engine bay of the newest racing pickup truck.

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