The Mecum lead auctioneer passed a day before his 60th birthday.

Today is Mark Delzell's 60th birthday, and he sadly passed away yesterday at 59. After putting in some serious work over the years, and being an integral part of the auction industry surviving the chaos of 2020, the legend will be remembered for his professionalism, energy, and charisma.

"Mark’s unrivaled talent as an auctioneer was instrumental in the development of the high-energy, high-speed Mecum Auctions machine that captivates audiences throughout the world. Without Mark, there may never have been a Mecum Auctions like we know it today. His talent and enduring inspiration will carry on forever, and his legacy will live on every time Mecum takes the stage. A mentor, a legend, a Mecum cornerstone, our family.

Thank you, Mark." Read the official statement from Mecum Auctions sent out today to honor the hard working auctioneer.

Mark had been with the company for 34 years, and he rarely missed an auction. In the last decade or so, he evolved with the changing times, and was able to use technology to make things move along smoothly during auctions - changing from the days of paper and pencil.

It was his intense energy that encouraged people to make the bids to bring home their dream cars. Many, many collections were started by the spark of excitment that Mark inspired. Millions of dollars worth of cars were auctioned under Mark's callouts, and the industry will never forget him.

Watch Mark explain his passion for Mecum Auctions and how he loved being in the middle of the excitement in this 2013 interview:

Source: Mecum

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