Hell Dart 1967 Dodge Dart Is Devilishly Divine

Mar 22, 2024 2 min read
Hell Dart 1967 Dodge Dart Is Devilishly Divine

As if a Hellcat engine swap wasn't enough, a Maggie blower upgrade brings this to the front of the pack.

On a good day, a 1967 Dodge Dart would give you a whole 235-horsepower from a 4.5-liter engine. All this power was good for a 0-60 mph of about 9.4-seconds and a quarter-mile of over 17-seconds, with the wind blowing in the right direction. This might be plenty for some people, especially considering the dashing looks of the 1960s Mopars, but for those who thirst for more, more is out there. Since the introduction of the Hellcat engine, it has been gnashing at the GM LS engine in engine swap popularity, only losing the race by the sure availability (and price) of the LS platform, but the results of Hellcat swaps make us swoon.

The Dodge Dart is a compact car that’s gained popularity in drag racing, but not necessarily a ‘Vert like this example, due to body flex and what that means for traction and appearance. Keeping the body straight on this Dart under the pressure of over 700-horsepower obviously hasn’t been a problem though.

Not only does this vintage Mopar have a Hellcat engine, but it also has a stroked out 512 cubic inch Hellcat engine. The stock blower has been replaced by a Magnuson unit and is tuned for nitrous, so their 1000-horsepower claims seem pretty more than credible. This blacked-out with red accented Hellcat Dart has looks to match the intimidating powertrain, with a set of meaty rubbers in the back to tell everyone what’s up.

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