Is This Abandoned GT-R VSPEC II In Japan Radioactive?

Mar 22, 2024 1 min read
Is This Abandoned GT-R VSPEC II In Japan Radioactive?

This was spotted by an enthusiasts along the back roads of Japan.

The Nissan GT-R is an impossibly popular car on the Japanese sports car market. With all-wheel drive, multi-link suspension, and 330-horsepower this car quickly became one of the most popular race cars to hit Japan’s roads. Of course, the ride was a bit heavier than most of the competition at the time at just over 3200 lbs (compared to like 2500 lbs), however the extra power and the fact that all that power was being put to the ground by all four wheels made up for that weight. If 3200 lbs doesn't sound like a lot to you, because American cars are known for having a little girth, think of the GT-R like the Japanese version of the Charger/Challenger - lots of power and as a result of a big engine, lots of weight.

Many reasons likely contribute to the GT-R’s status, both current and past, but the V-spec II option is especially difficult to find. This is why it is astounding that our friends from Yourcarbro managed to find a G-TR V-spec II just sitting there, abandoned, alone, never to race again. One could only imagine what fun this car had seen before its untimely and unfortunate abandonment.

Could this have been the car of some poor soul longing for the exciting world of racing, an enthusiast who saw the car's potential before everybody else did, or just some kid who had a couple of grand to spend and ended up leaving it to rot for whatever reason? On any other “normal” car this story wouldn't be particularly exciting, however, this is one of the most coveted and lusted after cars on the Japanese domestic market. Hopefully, the day will come when this car is no longer left to rot but for now, it remains an old relic in a world that could care less whether it stays and withers away or is resurrected and allowed to tear through the streets once again.

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