Hagerty Launches DriveShare Program Exclusively For Porsche Owners

Jul 16, 2020 1 min read
Hagerty Launches DriveShare Program Exclusively For Porsche Owners

Allowing Porsche Club of America members to rent their cars exclusively to other Porsche owners.

The Hagerty DriveShare peer-to-peer car sharing program is a cool way to rent a classic car, and while many safeguards have been put in place to protect the cars (as well as the renters and vehicle owners), a new element of the service now allows discerning Porsche owners be a little more discerning. In a partnership with Porsche Club of America, Hagerty DriveShare now allows PCA members to rent exclusively to other Porsche owners if they wish.

Aside from the added peace of mind knowing that another passionate Porsche owner is renting their car, this extension of the car sharing program will also allow Porsche enthusiasts to drive a different Porsche model before buying one. This could be a great tool for younger and newer Porsche owners get more immersed in the culture by driving some more of the iconic Porsches such as a 356 or a 930 911.

"Porsche owners are passionate about their cars. This partnership will allow them to share their vehicles with others who share that same level of appreciation. It also gives future Porsche owners who are PCA Test Drive members an opportunity to drive a car they dream of buying," Steve Haas, senior manager of DriveShare operations.

This partnership is sure to work in favor of both DriveShare and the Porsche Club of America. According to Hargery, PCA currently has more than 135,000 members making it the largest single-marque car club of all time, while Hagerty's DriveShare currently offers users access to more than 4,400 vehicles. To ensure against vehicle damage or injuries, every DriveShare rental comes with $1 million in insurance as well as access to a roadside assistance program tailored toward classic cars.

Source: Porsche Club of America

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