Goodwood Festival of Speed Crashes: Priceless Cars Meet Untimely Demise

Jul 19, 2023 1 min read
Goodwood Festival of Speed Crashes: Priceless Cars Meet Untimely Demise

The losses were pricey!

The prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK is known for its breathtaking displays of brand-new prototypes and multimillion-dollar classic cars. However, this year's event took an unexpected turn as a number of priceless vehicles, driven by their wealthy owners and professional racers, met with unfortunate crashes.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed, held on a vast 4900-acre private property owned by a Lord, offers enthusiasts a unique blend of automotive marvels. From new-car debuts to the famous 1.86km hillclimb, the event attracts a massive crowd every year.

During the 30th running of this annual celebration, at least four rare and exotic cars were pushed beyond their limits, resulting in embarrassing crashes that left them entangled in the hay bales. More than 200,000 spectators watched in disbelief as these high-value machines met an untimely demise.

Among the casualties of this year's event were renowned race cars, including the McLaren F1 GTR. With one example fetching a staggering $AU29 million at auction in 2019, it is a painful loss for both the owner and automotive enthusiasts. Additionally, the rare Hyundai RN22e electric concept track car, which held tremendous promise for the future of electric racing, met an unfortunate fate on the Goodwood grounds.

While rumors circulate that those involved in crashes may be barred from future events, such claims have yet to be substantiated. Nonetheless, it is a harsh reminder of the risks involved when pushing high-performance vehicles to their limits.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is not only a showcase of automotive excellence but also a testament to the skill and precision of the drivers. However, the occasional mishap serves as a reminder that even the most skilled individuals can succumb to unforeseen circumstances.

As the event organizers assess the incidents and evaluate their impact, enthusiasts and participants alike will reflect on the importance of responsible driving and the fragile nature of these rare automotive treasures. The crashes may have marred the celebrations momentarily, but the spirit of the Goodwood Festival of Speed will continue to captivate automotive enthusiasts for years to come.

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