Girlfriend Steals And Sells Classic Chevy Impala

Apr 16, 2022 2 min read
Girlfriend Steals And Sells Classic Chevy Impala

Here's a reason to be thankful for being single...

Relationships can be difficult as two people raised in different households navigate all the difficulties of life together. However, some people just plain suck at them in the worst way possible. Case in point: a girlfriend had her boyfriend’s beloved 1967 Chevrolet Impala impounded because she despised the attention the classic car was getting.

The story as told by this poor sap on Reddit, where so much great relationship advice isn’t shared, is that he bought the car, then a while later finally bought his first house. That house came with a nice 2.5 car garage, so he put the Impala in there and started tearing it apart to do a nut and bolt restoration. Since it was in pieces, the body was in one bay and the chassis was in another, so nobody could park in the garage. The girlfriend didn’t like that, not one bit.

According to the guy, he lives on 2 acres with plenty of shade trees where the birds can crap on your freshly washed car. He doesn’t seem to understand why his girlfriend didn’t like that suggestion. Well, she got her revenge.

When the guy went on a business trip “for a couple of days” he returned to a really happy girlfriend. When he asked where she parked her car because it was nowhere in sight, that’s when she gleefully told him about how she hired some guys to move the car and all the parts, taking the Impala to a local scrapyard.

Thankfully, this guy realized he was dating a psychopath and so he hired a lawyer. What she did was theft. He has the whole thing on surveillance footage. Also, the police were able to recover most of the car, even though the guy said they were trying to hide it.

Let’s just give everyone this relationship tip: if you’re dating a woman and she’s jealous of your car, it’s time to find a new girlfriend. Same goes for women dating a man who displays such petty behavior. The proper response if your significant other is really into their car would be to either keep your mouth shut or start doing projects with them.

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