Despite the odds, the pandemic seems to only be strengthening the collector car market!

There has been a lot of talk surrounding the now famous GAA Classic Cars vehicle auction house, their precedence for excellence and high yields for beautiful cars has allowed them to boost to the top of the automotive auction industry in a relatively short amount of time. Years of exponential growth thus far have just afforded them a record-breaking performance at their April event with over $100,000 being raised for charity by the staff and a 95-percent sell-through rate.

However, this incredible monthly performance is overshadowed by a particularly high bid on Saturday night. The bid in question came for a numbers-matching Plymouth Superbird equipped with a 426 Hemi which sold for an incredible $345,600.

Some other honorable mentions that were sold at the GAA Classic Cars auction include a white 1968 Ford Mustang equipped with a 289ci and 3-speed manual transmission, a baby blue 1936 Chevy Sedan, and a beautiful red 1964 Chevy C10 work truck. C3 Corvettes were also a popular sight at the auction and classic Mustangs were a guarantee. This insane auction saw some of the coolest classic cars on the market and the crowd loved the show. While this was an amazing event there will be another on July 22-July 24th in Greensboro and based on past events, this one should be fantastic!

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