Frankenstein Ford Hides BMW Performance

Oct 28, 2021 2 min read
Frankenstein Ford Hides BMW Performance

This incredible Ford body has been placed on top of the frame of a beautiful BMW to create a ridiculous ride!

The 1940s were wild times for the classic Fords that have made a name for themselves as the beginnings of Ford performance. With long sweeping body lines and curving fenders, these round-bodied production models are now seen as high performance for their generation. Nowadays, Ford is still holding its position as one of America's biggest producers of some of the nation's favorite performance sports/pony cars, but the classics have fallen behind significantly. This is where the idea of a resto-mod comes into play, by taking the vintage design of the old school classics and giving them a modern powertrain. So how does this car hold up to that reputation?

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While the body of this 1949 Ford Shoebox shouts vintage, it's all modern tech under the hood. It is sporting the powertrain from one of BMW's most popular models in its time, the 2008 BMW 335i, which means that this American classic is now the beneficiary of a lot of German performance. Both vehicles added up to a total cost of around $3400. Once both cars were purchased, it was time to work on the owner's first build in 15 years. Powering this crazy classic is a three-liter straight-six engine that produced 300 horsepower from the factory. That is more than enough power to send this 3300lb car down the road at ridiculous speeds. However, this car is not factory as it sports a gigantic turbo sticking out of the hood.

Of course, this car gains a lot of attention at car shows and racing events alike for being a crazy mashup of many different parts. However, the owner says that it is not simply the car's composition that makes it unique in his eyes. Instead, it is the time and effort that he and his team of dedicated friends put into making this vehicle what it is today. Indeed, this is one of the most incredible Frankenstein builds we've seen to this day, and we hope to see more of it in the future.

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