Chevy Frankenstein Car Is 1950s Glorious

Nov 8, 2021 2 min read
Chevy Frankenstein Car Is 1950s Glorious

Can you tell what classic models were used to create this?

The term “Frankenstein car” is used a lot in the industry, usually when someone takes something off one car and puts it on a very different kind of vehicle. While that certainly can be jarring, this creation known as the Chevy 789 takes parts from 3 different classic Chevrolets and mixes them together for one crazy look. It’s something which people will definitely stare at, whether in horror or out of fascination.

Check out a Ford Frankenstein build here.

Created by Gene Langmesser in California, the Chevy 789 stared life as a brand new Corvette. The guy wasn’t content with the looks, so he chopped it up and added parts from a ’57, ’58, and ’59 Chevy as well as what he claims is “1500 lbs. of clay” (really it’s carbon fiber and fiberglass) to come up with what you see.

What you’re presented with is something which looks classic in many ways, but also has an odd modern vibe to it. We’re somewhat reminded of some of the retro-style cars to emerge around the change of the millennium, and yet it’s still different.

Just like the name indicates, the front end of this creation is lifted in part from a ’57 Chevy. Sure, it looks a little different since it had to be morphed to fit the chassis. The middle of the car is a ’58 Chevy, and the rear is obviously from a ’59 Chevy with the distinctive wings. All these looks were melded together into one, something which we’re sure wasn’t easy to pull off.

Sadly, the interior is the kind of low-rent fare you’ve come to expect from GM. It’s disappointing to see those seats and plenty of plastic after being presented with such a unique, interesting exterior. We hope Langmesser sees fit to continue working on the Chevy 789 by revamping that space with something more vintage.

See more of the Chevy 789 in the included video.

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