Now Your Foxbody Mustang Can Have A Genuine Cover

Aug 15, 2023 1 min read
Now Your Foxbody Mustang Can Have A Genuine Cover

A genuine Ford Performance cover, that is…

We know Foxbody Mustang enthusiasts are passionate about their pony cars, but up to this point they haven’t been able to protect them with an official Ford Performance car cover. While there’s no shortage of aftermarket solutions out there, it’s nice that the Blue Oval is showing some love for third generation of one of its most iconic models.

Check out an 800-horsepower Foxbody here.

During Foxfest, a car show held in Dearborn recently, Ford Performance showed off the new car cvoer along with other accessories for 1979 to 1993 Mustangs. We’d argue that Foxbodies now classify as classics and have for a while, but we also know some people would like to fight about that. Still, it’s great to see them getting some love and attention from Ford Performance.

Also shown off at Foxfest were some Monza 2.0 seats created by Recaro specifically for Foxbodies. They have a decidedly 80s flair to them, pairing perfectly with the styling of the car. What’s more, they feature a Ford logo on the headrest, making them a step above what you can get elsewhere.

With these sorts of moves being made, is it possible that in the not-distant future Ford might release more accessories and even parts for the Foxbody? It’s pure speculation, but we’d like to see that happen. After all, an increasing number of automakers are doing just that for certain iconic models with large enthusiast followings.

There are many benefits for automakers when they help owners of older cars spiffy things up. For starters, it helps with brand loyalty. After all, few people are using a Foxbody as their daily, so catering to them makes it more likely they’ll buy a new Ford. Also, making the classic cars associated with a brand look nicer and well-maintained helps with brand image, helping fuel new model sales.

Image via Ford Performance

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